Paul Harris Fellowships

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-       The Paul Harris Fellowship is a unique recognition in Rotary. It is given to honor those Rotarians or community members who have demonstrated by their actions their dedication to service to others and to world peace and understanding. Each PHF recognition represents a gift of at least 1000 dollars US to the Rotary Foundation to fund a part of their educational, ambassadorial and humanitarian projects around the world. 

The following Rotarians of the Rothesay-Kings Rotary Club and other community members have been presented with a PAUL HARRIS FELLOW.


Fred Roemmele   May 1986

Arthur Flood    Jun 1987

Grant Lewis   Jun 1987

Brian Mitchell   Jun 1987

Michael Nagle   Jun 1988

Patrick Toole   Feb 1992

Gloria Hosford   Feb 1992

Laureen Jarrett   Aug 1996

Peter Milburn   Aug 1996

William Chandler   Aug 1998

Jacqueline Whiting Ledezma   Dec 1999

Mary Iype   Oct 2003

Daniel Charlong   Oct 2006

Gordon A Dempsey   Jan 2008

Kimberley Shaw   Jun 2008 

David Stephen   Sept 2009

Kevin Tupper   Mar 2010

Dr Michael Barry   Sept 2010

James Brittain   Sept 2010

Christopher Bourque   Oct 2010

Gordon A Dempsey Dec 2010

Chris Dunham   Apr 2011

Dr Shawn Jennings   Aug 2011

Tom Gribbons Aug 2012

Andre Welland Aug 2012

Debbie McAllister Aug 2012

Lynn Irving   Sept 2013

Kimberley Shaw   Sept 2013

Kathleen Curwin   Dec 2014

Paul Harris Society Members 

Sunil Rajaram   Oct 2010

Chris Dunham   Apr 2011